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Darkness Ezine Vol. 2

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Serena Pettus Interview by L.T. Kelly
Ashes to Ashes by Thom Futrell
Lore’s Corner: Trolls by LM David
The She-wolf of Lake Wildwood Part 1 by Ronald Edward Griffin
Vampire Poetry by The Vampire Queen1
Detective Goodson: Part 2 by Brien O’Raighne

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Article by L.T. Kelly

For this month’s edition of The Darkness Within, I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful paranormal author Serena Pettus.

1. You have so many titles out that I found it difficult to talk about just one. Tell us about your books/series.

My first series, "The Wolfe Brothers", has been the most popular with readers. I've been blessed with a healthy following for these four sexy alpha werewolves and their feisty women. Each brother has his own story, (No cliffhangers) and the series consists of four novellas and a short story wrapping things up.
My male characters are strong, yet loving when it comes to their women. And the ladies? Well, they aren't exactly shrinking violets. These chicks are headstrong and sassy as hell!

My newest series is the "Southern Pride Series". These books revolve around a variety of shifters, with the main group being a Pride of lion shifters. Once again, the women in these books are strong, but have some rough pasts that can leave them emotionally insecure. Each book could be read as a stand-alone, but to get the full background on the characters, you would really need to go in order. Three of these are out now, with a fourth in the works, and a possible fifth lurking in the back of my mind.

2. You’re a paranormal writer, tell me about what led you to that genre.

Since childhood I've always been fascinated with the paranormal. It began with vampires for me, then in middle school I went through the entire Witching Hour series by Anne Rice. Since then, I've read all sorts of paranormal stories, from horror to romance to comedy. Werewolves, witches, vampires, shifters, telepaths, psychics, elementals, ghosts, etc... I have read them all!

3. So, Amazon comes to you and offers you a million dollars to distribute one title to every paranormal reader that owns a kindle, which of your books would you choose, and why? 

I would probably give the first book in the Wolfe Brothers. The series is completed and gaining more readers every day, and I'm sure readers would be happy to discover that all the books were readily available for them to keep on reading.

4. When did you start writing? 

I actually wrote quite a bit in middle and high school, using those little black and white journals to jot down my stories. It wasn't until about three years ago that I began to take my writing seriously. I was working on a book, using spiral notebooks when away from my computer, and would squeeze some writing in at work whenever time permitted or I was able to do so on a break. A few of my coworkers began reading as I went and pushed me to try and publish. I figured, "What the hell? The worst thing they could do was say no."
Well, as most writers know, you'll get plenty of no's before you get that golden yes. Since that wonderful day, I haven't stopped pursuing my dream.

5. You have books published with several publishers, to what do you owe your success?

When I first began writing, I searched for publishers with "Calls for submission". These are usually requests for a certain type of story, though sometimes they can simply be for a particular genre.
However, when I came to Resplendence Publishing, I fell in love. They have been so wonderful throughout the release of all eight titles I have through them, and I have no doubt I will be submitting more in the future.
As for success? I owe that to my friends, family and readers who support me and encourage me to continue to get these stories out of my head and down on paper. Without them, I never would have found the courage to begin this adventure.

6. Most writers have one character in their works that they can relate to. Which character of yours do you relate to the most? Tell us about them.

Truthfully, there's a little of myself in each and every one of my female characters. I like to think that I'm a strong woman, but it doesn't really matter how strong you are, everyone has vulnerabilities. We can hide behind a sassy personality, be major ball-busters, but when the right person comes along, they can get past those masks and see right to the core of your being.
For me though, I guess it would have to be Evangeline, from the fourth Wolfe Brothers book. She found herself in a relationship with a very controlling man who, even after she left him, wouldn't let go. That is, until Adam Wolfe comes along.

7. How do you prepare to write?

I enjoy listening to music. The type depends on the mood of the scene I'm working on, so it's really varied. I REALLY like to do my writing while the kids are in school, since my house is quiet. I usually have something right to munch on and a big glass of tea at my side, before settling down in my recliner to pump out some pages on my laptop.

8. Tell us what book signings you’re due to appear at in 2015.

I'll be at ARC NOLA in New Orleans, Louisiana July 31-Aug 1st 2015

Rebels & Readers Author Event at the Pullman Plaza in Huntington, West Virginia November 8th & 9th 2015

Booking In Biloxi @ the IP Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi on March 19, 2016

9. What are you currently writing, and when can we expect to see it?

Currently I'm working on three projects. One is edits on a re-release, then there's the fourth Southern Pride book, and finally my very first, first-person book revolving around ghosts. At this time, I have no deadlines or release dates in sight, so be sure to follow my Facebook page for updates on these books.

To find more information about Serena and her lovely books please visit her blog here:

Author Bio:

L.T. Kelly is the British author of a two part paranormal series The Falling Series. She is currently writing adult contemporary romance, a genre which she loves as much as much as paranormal.
She lives in rural Lincolnshire with her husband, two children, and a mentally unstable Cockapoo named Mylo.

Voices from the Reaper

ASHES TO ASHES—The Lost Town of Centralia
Thom Futrell

Centralia is a borough and a near-ghost town in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States. Its population has dwindled from over 1,000 residents in 1981 to 10 in 2010 as a result of the Centralia mine fire that has been burning beneath the borough since 1962. Centralia is the least-populated municipality in Pennsylvania.
Centralia is part of the Bloomsburg-Berwick micropolitan area. The borough is completely surrounded by Cunningham Township.
All properties in the borough were claimed under eminent domain by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1992 (and all buildings therein were condemned), and Centralia's ZIP code was revoked by the Postal Service in 2002. State and local officials reached an agreement with the remaining residents on October 29, 2013, allowing them to live out their lives there, after which the rights of their properties will be taken through eminent domain.

Centralia was once a mining town. The men worked the mines and the women and children enjoyed life in this little storybook town. And then one fateful day in 1962, the mine caught fire and their whole world changed.
    The town was nearly completely abandoned. But not as quickly as one would think with the land beneath your feet burning away. There were several divided opinions as to how dangerous it was to remain living there. The population stands at 10 as of 2013. A real life ghost town, which is slowly sinking and burning into the ground. A place so eerie they based the silent hill films on the area. I had to see this place for myself!
The first thing I noticed, outside of the abandoned highway smoking above one of the four cemeteries, was a sign warning people that living here could cause death! Cheerful welcome! It was late July, and the summer sun beat down on the hot empty streets. It was eerily quiet. The roads sunk in places where the Earth beneath them had burned away.  The downtown area, what wasn’t torn down was like stepping back in time. A lot of buildings were condemned and destroyed simply because they were no longer safe to live in. The fire department still had a truck sitting inside, left to melt with the rest of the town. St. Mary’s, the towns only remaining church, still has services on Sunday. At least for the time being. The hilltop cemetery has smoke coming from around and out of it. Someone in the group said you could be buried and cremated at the same time. A very chilling thought.
Is Centralia haunted? I would like to think so. It has all the ingredients to bake a perfect haunting. Even though I didn’t see any ghosts, I could feel the empty eyes staring from the burning shadows. The feeling of straight despair.
There is a time capsule that is due to be opened next year. When they put it into the ground no one had any idea that there would be no one left to open it. I wonder if one of the remaining residents will dig it up, or the Governor, or the State Police that patrols the area. I am very curious as to what’s inside: memories, or ashes of long ago?


I would like to cite wikipedia for the history of this amazing town.

Author Bio:

Thom Futrell is a horror writer living in Jackson Michigan. He has been in more than sixty publications and has four films under his belt. He writes under the name T.G. Reaper.

Lore’s Corner


Then thinking what subject to tackle for this month’s Darkness Within Ezine, I thought: Trolls.

What are trolls? They seem to be either Norse or Scandinavian in origin. Recent exposure to the lore comes from Disney’s Frozen. In the movie, Trolls are depicted as creatures who resemble rocks and are happy-go-lucky, breaking out in song when guests drop in. They are match makers and have the ability to marry people. They also sing. Who wouldn’t enjoy a rendition of He’s a bit of a fixer upper centered around them? Adorable, right?

In Norse mythology, trolls dwell in isolated mountains, rocks, and caves. They tend to live together (usually as father-and-daughter or mother-and-son) and are rarely said to be helpful or friendly to humans.

An Austrian-American scholar theorized Trolls have four distinct classes; lords of nature, mythical magicians, hostile monsters and heroic and courtly beings — the last class being the youngest. Said theory was termed "unsupported by any convincing evidence". Old Norse mythology, in the Middle Ages,  say trolls vary from giant or mountain-dwellers, witches, abnormally strong or large or ugly people, evil spirits, ghosts, magical boars, heathen demi-gods, demons, brunnmigis or berserkers. The word “troll” may have been used by pagan settlers as a term for supernatural beings humans needed to respect and avoid rather than worship.

In Scandinavian folklore, the definition of Trolls is: ancient beings with enormous strength that are slow and dim-witted. They can also be man-eaters. The myth states Trolls look much the same as humans and not hideous. However, they live far away from human habitation. There is one important point that is mentioned in all stories with respect to these beings … the sun turns them to stone.

How do Trolls fit into the supernatural? Well, they are considered "nature beings" and "all-purpose otherworldly”, the equivalent, for example, to fairies. With all this going for them, what could possibly frighten a Troll? The answer? Lightning. Folktales mention Thor, the Norse god of thunder, had a role in fighting beastly Trolls. In modern Scandinavia, the lack of troll populations is often explained as a result of the "accuracy and efficiency of the lightning strikes". Could Thor be in Asgard engaging in target practice?

According to history, stories about trolls were exploited by romantics in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who sought to construct a national past and thus an image from apparently ancient and unsullied rural traditions. Somehow Trolls just don’t invoke “romance” no matter how you write the character.

Today Trolls have a strong presence in the world of literature. The most famous being pinned by Tolkien in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies. The exception with Middle Earth Trolls is they happen to be evil, stupid, have crude habits yet intelligent enough to communicate with each other using a known language. Oh, they are also hideous to look at. And, like the others from Norse and Scandinavian folklore, the sun can still turn these guys to rocks — who would not want a large, gross looking statue parked on their front lawn? I’m checking out eBay…

Author Bio:

LM David has been writing stories since Jr. High School after taking a Creative Writing class. Initially drawn to the genre of Science Fiction, a fascination with Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Romance drew her back into the dark erotic world of vampires. The more she read about the subject of the ‘undead’, the deeper dark erotic world of folklore and legends of the vampire became. You can reach her at:
Twitter: @LMDavid54

The She-wolf of Lake Wildwood
Part 1

By: Ronald Edward Griffin

            It was a day just like any other for Kurt Phelps. He rests his balding head upon the steering wheel of his car as he sits in the drive way of his home in the Lake Wildwood gated community. A long hard evening managing college students that work at the local Pizza Hut. Delivery drivers getting lost making the deliveries late, pizza makers messing orders up, and the irate customers on the phone are but just a few problems he deals with on a daily basis. He’s just an average middle aged man with average problems.          The drive way is lit by the porch light that his wife Diana leaves on for him like every other night. He knows that his teenage sons Ted and Henry are probably up late playing Call of Duty like they do every Friday night. He knows that he is lucky to have such a great family but he also cannot help but be bored and aggravated doing the same thing every day.
Kurt lets out a deep sigh before something catches his attention from his peripheral vision. He looks over to see a young brunette woman just barely older than his sons getting out of a car with her arms full of groceries. After she enters the house next door he gets out of his car and walks up the driveway to the front door of his own house.
Kurt is greeted by his wife Diane the moment he walks in the door. She kisses him on the cheek and gives a warm welcoming hug just as she does every night.
“How was work tonight honey?”
“Typical night babysitting a bunch of kids pretending to work. Did you notice the car next door? Do we have new neighbors?” he asks.
“Yeah and I hate to tell you but they’re college kids.”
“Just great that means I won’t even have a break from them at home. How the hell can they afford the dues along with the house payment here?”
“They probably put their savings together or something honey. I don’t know.”
            The loud sound of gunfire comes from their sons’ room causing Kurt to jump.
            “I really wish they wouldn’t play that damned game so loudly.”
            “Honey relax it isn’t a school night. Besides I am sure that I can distract you enough to ignore them.” She says with a sly smile.
            Then she trails her fingertip along the waist of his pants before pulling him close to her body. She embraces him in a deep long passionate kiss that just as she promised makes him forget about the loud game. Once the kiss stops he gazes at his wife lovingly. She’s around the same age as he is but looks ten years younger. He never understood what she saw in him. She has a much better paying job than him working at the medical center as a nurse and she’s so beautiful that she could have anyone that she chooses. So why was she with him he wonders.
            Diane looks into his eyes once again before breaking free from his grasp. She unties her bathrobe allowing it to open slightly. As she turns she gives him only a glimpse at the side of her breast and a flash of red from panties. As she walks to the bedroom she stops in the doorway and looks at him with a seductive look in her eyes before letting the bathrobe drop to the floor. She vanishes into the room and he soon follows her shutting the door behind him.

Meanwhile next door
            The girl that Kurt watched walk into the house comes back outside and looks around in the trunk of her car until she finds the box labeled “Monster Kit” and pulls it out.
            “There you are.”
            At that moment she can hear the loud moaning coming from next door.
            “Sounds like someone over there knows what they’re doing.” She says with a smirk.
            Then the sound of gunfire comes from a few rooms over and the window lights up. Soon followed is the sound of Kurt yelling at his son’s to turn the volume on the T.V. down. The girl chuckles lightly before walking back into the house. Her roommates sit in the living room playing Call of Duty and she can hear the same sound of gunfire that she heard from the neighbor house.
            “Do you boys think you can turn the volume down on that T.V. the neighbor just yelled at his kids and we wouldn’t want him to come over here and complain as well would we?”
            “Oh come on Tabetha what’s the fun in playing when you can’t hear the mass destruction?”
            “Please you guys. This isn’t like the dorm rooms this is a gated community. Turn it down before they call security.”
            She walks into her room and slams the door shut behind her. Then she carefully places the box on the foot of her bed. With care she opens the box and pulls out a book with a pentagram on the cover with claw marks scratching over it. She turns the pages carefully and stops on the chapter labeled “Lycanthropes”. As she reads the chapter she pulls her pants’ leg up and starts scratching a scar that looks like it was given to her by a large wild animal.

To be continued… 

Author Bio:

Ronald Edward Griffin is a native of Macon, GA where he was born and raised. He is an accomplished Author in his own right and is always working hard on something. He has two children whom he hopes to pass his writing bug on to them.

Poems by the Vampire Queen1

Beautiful Beast

Night falls across the land
And shadows make their return
They are out there lurking
Waiting for their next prey
Beautiful pale skin shown only by the moonlight
Their teeth and nails elongate in anticipation
They wait for you or I to pass by
They lunge at the unsuspecting person
Tear at their neck and drink them dry in a flash
Absorb the blood into their cold, dead system
Let it dance around in their mouth and over their tongue
They are once again rejuvenated.


He briefly appears out of the darkness and the shadows
Weaving in and out of them like a serpent searching for his prey
Life is precious to him but unfortunately necessary for him as well
He can reach out and snatch one at any moment
Which he does and tears at the humans' neck with vigor
For he is ravaged, his hunger is great
The taste of the blood on his tongue is like pop rocks popping and dancing on it, then melting away
The warm sensation in his mouth is like that of an exquisite glass of wine
As it slides down his throat it cools off and feels like a breath of fresh air moving towards his lungs
The entire experience is one that only a vampire can appreciate and enjoy.

Author Bio:

The Vampire Queen1 aka Jodie Pierce has been writing since Jr. High School but was unsatisfied with her teenage romance stories. One day, a friend handed her an Anne Rice book and she found her inspiration. She’s been writing about vampires ever since. 


Rand’s Story: Det. Goodson Part 2

Brien O’Raighne

Randall Goodson moves through the alleyways in downtown Storm City. He moves methodically. Randall is following a perp, who killed a woman earlier in the day. Two of his other partners are going a different direction to box in the perp. Not far ahead of him, Randall hears the clanking of metallic fire escapes.
“Damn it!” He mutters. Randall clicks on the mic of his radio. “He went up the fire escape. Go inside and flank him!”
“Yes, sir!” He hears through the radio.
Randall puts the radio back on his belt. He skids to a stop at the fire escape. Randall looks up and judges the height. He springs into the air. Randall lands on the third floor fire escape.
The perp, wearing a black shirt, pants, and boots; looks down. He begins moving at a rapid rate. This puts some space between the perp and Randall. The perp reaches the roof only to see two uniformed officers with pistols out waiting for him. The perp gulps. He raises his hands.
Randall, then, reaches the roof himself. He is gasping (Randall fakes it). Randall sees the perp in handcuffs. “H-how did you get up so fast?”
“Elevator in the lobby, Detective.”
Randall rolls his eyes. “Of, course.”
A buzzing comes from Randall’s pocket. He pulls out his iPhone. Randall looks at the caller id: ELISE MATTHEWS. He raises a brow. Randall slides the slider to the right. He looks up into the night sky. The officers begin to take the perp down to their squad car.
“This is not a good time, Elise.” Randall tells her. “I am busy right now.”
“No you’re not. Your men are taking the killer downstairs right now.” Elise tells him.
“I really hate when you do that.” Randall remarks. He hears laughter over the phone. “Yeah funny. What do you want?”
“I need your help, Detective.”
Randall’s jaw drops. “Really? You? Need…my help? I thought you were MetaPol?”
“I am. This has nothing to do with MetaPol or my cases, Rand.” Elise tells him. “This is something entirely different.”
“Okay?” Randall cautiously says. “What is it?”
“I need you to come to me. It is not something that I can say over the phone.” Elise says. “Pleeeaase.”
Randall hears her plead and rolls his eyes. He really hates when Elise does this. She knows how to really push his buttons. Randall sighs. “Fine.”
“Yeah!” Randall hears the cheerful voice of Elise on the other end. “So, I’ll see you within the next ten minutes?”
“I’ll be there.”
“Goody!” Elise says as a text pops up with the address: 1241 Montana Lane, The Dioras Corporation building.
“Oh, goody.” Randall mutters as he shakes his head.


Randall pulls up on his motorcycle to an office building not far from where the perp was apprehended. He takes a deep breath. Randall puts out the kickstand. He disembarks the motorcycle, a Fatboy Harley. Randall looks up at the forty story tall building. Something seems off to him.
“I hope she knows what she is doing?”
His phone buzzes. There is a text. Suite 2702.
Randall goes into the building. A security guard looks at Randall with a raised brow. The guard, in a white shirt, dark blue pant uniform; rises from his seat and walks towards Randall.
“I’m sorry, sir, the building is closed at this time.” The security guard tells him.
Randall flashes his badge. “I have to go upstairs.”
“I promise you there’s no one here, Officer.”
“It’s Detective. Detective Goodson. I am headed to Suite 2702.”
“Suite 2702? There’s no one there. There hasn’t been anyone in that suite for the past year now.” The guard says.
“I need to get up there.” Randall gets stringent with the guard. “I have someone waiting for me there.”
“Yeah right.”
Randall’s phone buzzes. He looks at the caller ID. It says ELISE MATTHEWS. “Excuse me a moment.” The guard looks dejected.
“Where are you, Randall?”
“In the lobby. A security guard is not letting me up.”
“Really? Let me speak with him.”
“Okay.” Randall says. He hands the phone to the guard. “She wants to speak with you.”
“Okay?” The guard’s voice wavers as he speaks. He takes the phone from Randall. “Hello?”
“This is Doctor Matthews from Suite 2750.”
“Doctor Matthews? I didn’t realize you were still here.”
“That’s okay, Hector.” Elise tells the security guard. “Could you let my friend upstairs? I got permission from Management to use Suite 2702.”
“All right, Doctor Matthews. I’ll send him up right away.”
“Thank you.”
The security guard hands Randall his phone back. Randall looks and sees that the call is still active. “Thank you, Elise.”
“No problem, Randall.”
“Doctor? Since when?”
“Since I graduated college last year. I have a PhD in Archeology.” She tells Randall.
The guard takes Randall over to the appropriate elevator bay. “Right this way, sir.”
The elevator bay is the middle set of elevators in the lobby. Above the elevators there is a sign that says FLOORS 25-32. They walk into the elevator bay. The guard swipes his access badge to activate the elevators. He punches the button. It lights up. “There you go, Detective.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
The door of the elevator opens. Randall gets in. “On my way.”
“All right, see you in a moment.”


Elise taps the end button on her phone. She places it back on the table. Elise looks at the artifacts that are on the long table before her. She is puzzled. The only thing that she does recognize is a painting of a family from 17th century Wales. The family did not look particularly well off. However, she recognizes the teenage boy in the painting.
Elise rubs her chin. I hope this doesn’t put him off.
She, then, hears the chime of the elevator. Good. He's here.
Elise walks out of the suite and heads over to the elevator bay. A smile is on her face as Randall walks out of the elevator. He has a raised brow. "Hello, Randall."
"Hello, Elise. What do you have for me?"
"I need your help identifying some things for me." Elise says as she motions for Randall to follow. Randall has a stoic look on his face.
"Okay?" A feeling of uneasiness comes over him. "Why me, Elise? Anyone could have done this."
"You'll see why I called on you shortly." They walk from the elevator bay to suite 2702 where Elise has set up her work space.
Elise and Randall enter the suite. Randall spots her work space in the middle of the empty office space. There is a table full of artifacts. It is lit up by heavy work lamps surrounding it. A feeling of anxiousness hits Randall. This is something that he is not used to experiencing. I have felt like this before. Why am I so anxious? What is this sensation that is taking me over?
They reach the table where Elise is working. Randall steps back a foot or two as he recognizes most of the artifacts on the table. "Wh-wh-where did you get these?"
"A small deserted village in Merionethshire in Wales." Elise admits. "I take it this is where you grew up."
"You would be correct. This is where the fateful incident that led me to be a vampire happened."
"I figured as much. A lot of the artifacts are cover in coagulated blood."
Randall gulps. Then, he spots a painting. He begins to break down. "Mama, Papa, Gwendolyn..." His past has come back to hit him in the face.
Then, a crashing sound can be heard from outside the suite. Elise snaps he head towards the door. "Randall what was that?"
"I don't know." Randall says removing his pistol from its holster. "Time to go find out."
"I guess so."
Both Randall and Elise walk towards the door. They know not what to expect.

About the Author, Brien O’Raighne

He is a connoisseur of sci-fi and paranormal films and books. He, also, lives in Houston with his son.

You can contact him at

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